Here, I share my games. Currently, three small mathematical games are available for both windows and linux, an funny chess game for linux, while my very old game maker games are available for windows.

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Mathematical machines

Three small games based on the mathematical concept of a machine. The first game, state machine, is a very simple coin sliding game, in which players alternate sliding coins on a graph until no move is possible. The second game, pushdown machine, adds a deck of cards and players need to play all their cards to win. The third game, turing machine, is a game in which players modify a sequence of cards to match their goal.

state machine pushdown machine turing machine

Downloads for mathematical machines


This game I made with my C++ game engine, before I started to create my own programming language. It offers four different sets of pieces, called armies: Classic, Monsters, Animals, Magic. Each army except for Classic has some pieces which have different movement and capture rules than the usual chess pieces. The AI in this game was never really perfected and just quickly evaluates all the moves based on certain simple heuristics such as loss of piece value, piece development and restriction of movement.

chess screenshot 1 chess screenshot 2 chess screenshot 3 chess screenshot 4 chess screenshot 5 chess screenshot 6

I even implemented another game mode called Quantum Chess, where pieces can move into a superposition of moving twice or not at all, causing interesting effects such as entanglement and randomness.

chess screenshot 7 chess screenshot 8

Downloads for chess

Game maker games

I started creating games with game maker when I was 8 years old. The first few games were very strange and random, such as pacman and bots niet!. Other games with strange mechanics are: ijs!, ufo, vlieg and gekke test. The first games I made that make a bit more sense are botenspel and platformer. The game space rocket I created together with friends and was the first game with many cheats. 3d bal was my very first 3d game, which I mostly coded by following an old YouTube tutorial. Later I made a second version with somewhat different controls and graphics. Rekenspel is a board game invented by Franklin Roos (, which I decided to implement on the computer with game maker.

botsniet botenspel platformer space rocket ufo gekke test platformer 2 3d bal 3d bal 2 doolhof 3d banana shooter rekenspel tower defense

I also created two screensavers with game maker, which you can download separately.

Downloads for game maker games and screensavers